Coinciding with National Numeracy Day, a former mathematics teacher has been appointed to

A new Education Committee report calls on the government to improve financial education in primary and secondary schools and at post-16 level. 

Four in five teachers said that the parents of the children they teach find it difficult to encourage their children to read at home.

Sex education in primary schools is to be limited to those aged nine and over, according to leaked information from the government. 

New analysis by children’s charity the Youth Sport Trust places an economic value on the critical importance of free-to-access school sport and physical activity for a child’s mental wellbeing for the first time.

The UK Space Agency has awarded funding to 15 projects across the UK with the aim of inspiring the next generation into STEM careers.

The Music Hubs form part of a national programme providing high-quality music education for all children and young people through investment in musical activities, equipment and teacher training.

Organisations have been invited to apply for the chance to set up a new National Academy for Mathematical Sciences (NAMS) to champion the value of maths and create future jobs.

Conservative and Labour groups of Bexley Council have agreed to support LGBTQ+ education for young people in all state schools across the borough.

Schools need to add depth to their religious education (RE) curriculum, a report from Ofsted has suggested.

Almost half of the British public believes a lack of IT and tech education throughout primary and secondary school has been a barrier to a potential career in tech, new research from BAE Systems’ Digital Intelligence has revealed.

Only one per cent of primary teachers think their students have adequate financial skills, a report from think tank Social Market Foundation (SMF) has found. 

A partnership between the Scottish Government and the Scottish Football association is supporting low-income families with before-school, after-school and holiday activities for around 2,700 children each week.

Charity Speakers for Schools found that half of students in the state sector leave school without any work experience – yet this is used a third of the time to assess applications at universities.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has found that pupils in Wales were performing as well as disadvantaged children in England.


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