MCC Digital

Established in 1981, Micro Computer Consultants Limited (MCC Digital) are one of the UK’s most experienced Apple Authorised Education Specialists, serving schools, academies, colleges, and universities across the UK. With close ties to Apple throughout this time, MCC Digital are one of only eight Apple Authorised Education Specialists in the UK. This means that schools and colleges are referred to MCC Digital by Apple to provide the very latest Apple technology as well as deployment planning surrounding infrastructure, technical services, and professional development. Our services range from leadership strategy, at the start of the technology journey, to device recycling, ensuring the financial sustainability of innovative teaching and learning. MCC Digital isn’t just about Apple - we can supply and integrate all classroom technologies – including Audio/Visual equipment, networking infrastructure, provision of broadband/telephony and managed IT support contracts. MCC Digital are on national frameworks like CCS, which ensures that we are compliant and accountable in our service delivery to Government organisations.

MCC Digital initiated and supported ESSA Academy through what is widely recognised as the first 1:1 iOS scheme in the UK, whereby every student in the school had an iPod Touch to support learning anywhere. MCC Digital have a vast experience in 1:1 iPad scheme management - and have been delivering effective and sustainable schemes for decades. As technology evolved, so did MCC Digital. Ensuring that educational institutions had access to not only to the latest technology but the services and support they needed to continue the fantastic work they were doing.

Innovation & Collaboration
MCC Digital consider Innovation as one of our core values, with innovation comes new and exciting technology, processes, techniques and more. We encourage all schools to strive for innovation, regardless of what stage of their digital strategy they find themselves. Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, from our long-standing relationships with some of the worlds leading Education Technology companies to our vast network of schools and academies.  Without collaboration schools will never understand the true value of Apple technology. We frequently host guided tours of some of our most successful schools, so teachers and senior leadership can exchange best practices and understand that there is a multitude of routes to success when you collaborate with others.

iPad Class Set Subscriptions
MCC Digital specialise in the deployment of class-sets into K-12 Education. We understand that not every school is ready to enter into a 1:1 iPad scheme, whereby all children are equipped with their own iPad. For most schools, this is a target to aim for well into the future. As a result of this MCC Digital have designed an accessible route to digital technology for all schools. With sustainable and affordable subscriptions starting from as little as £245 per month on a 36 month lease. Class-sets include 30 Devices, Insurance approved cases and screen protectors, a Mobile Device Management solution along with a portable charging trolley, expert deployment support and a teacher training session to get your staff up to speed. School budgets are more important than ever, with that in mind MCC Digital have committed to ensuring the best possible value for schools through a selection of finance partners. Contact one of our Education Consultants for a bespoke quote.

IT Services for Schools
As an Apple Authorised Education Specialist there is no one better to help support your IT Team than MCC Digital’s Technical Services Team. With experts in Windows and Apple technology in education, our team can diagnose, resolve and prevent IT issues with incredible speed and efficiency. We know that most schools wont have an Apple specialist on site 5 days a week, and often a qualified IT manager will be experienced with Windows devices but may not have an equal amount of Apple knowledge. Utilising a services package from our team will ensure a smooth deployment, and consistent running of your Apple devices at all times, minimising lost teaching time and decreasing IT Tickets by up to 95% allowing your IT team to focus on whats important.

Planning Essentials
Planning Essentials with MCC Digital is a half-day workshop to engage school leadership teams in planning and accelerating a successful deployment with Apple technology. With Planning Essentials Workshops, school leadership teams understand the essential elements for creating a technology-rich learning environment, create an individual project plans, and discover an integrated approach for managing the deployment through each stage of implementation. By the end of the workshop, you will leave with the beginnings of an effective plan grounded in your vision for a more relevant and personal learning environment.

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