In the heart of the UK's payment landscape stands allpay Limited, a pioneering force led by the visionary founder and entrepreneur, Tony Killeen. Tony's journey began over three decades ago, fuelled by a deep-seated desire to revolutionise bill payments. Witnessing the inefficiencies of traditional methods, he envisioned a more accessible and inclusive system that would shape the future of financial transactions. 


In November 2020 I was told I had 6 months left to live and was at risk of sudden death, due to a colloid cyst in my brain. Thanks to the amazing work of the NHS this was not to be the case. 

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An award-winning accounting solution for MATs of all sizes, iplicit for Education has a modern, user-friendly interface that will resonate with busy finance teams and senior leaders. As you grow, iplicit empowers you to add schools quickly and efficiently.