Borg & Overström

Borg & Overström is a  UK manufacturer of premium drinking water solutions. For over 20 years Borg & Overström has developed sustainable, bottle-less, hygienic, drinking water dispensers with the aim to provide exceptional, safe, self-service drinking water into schools, universities, workplaces and communal spaces. 

With challenges around tap water quality and microplastics, providing clean and safe self-service access to drinking water is essential. Did you know water can enhance learning? Being properly hydrated can improve focus, and encouraging healthy hydration can improve staff wellbeing and pupil attention. 

Simple to install and maintain, an E6 dispenser or T3 hot tap provides easy access to hygienic, great tasting chilled, sparkling and hot water, keeping students’ water bottles full, and staffrooms free of kettles.

As education facilities look to reduce energy costs and eliminate plastic waste, a drinking water dispenser with energy-saving EcoMode technology can save around 70% on energy when compared to a standard dispenser or kettle. While point of use supply ensures you will never run out of water and eliminates the need for single use plastic water bottles. 

Keep pupils and staff happy and hydrated with access to hygienic, great tasting drinking water. Hydrated minds are healthy minds. Watch our education case study.

Supplier Focus


Education is our heritage, for five decades we’ve been providing better value to 30,000 schools. By working with a variety of leading UK suppliers to provide you with a large range of good quality products and services, from art supplies, curriculum products, furniture and EdTech products, to supporting you in setting up compliant contracts for things like electricity, utilities, and cleaning. We can provide you with everything you could possibly need, making it easier for you.