Scottish LGBTQ+ curriculum supported by parents

Scotland's inclusion of LGBTQ-inclusive education resources in schools has been supported by the majority of parents. 

The research by polling company Survation was conducted on behalf of charity Time for Inclusive Education (TIE), with responses from 1,035 parents and carers of pupils aged 3 to 18 who attend school in Scotland.

It found that around 70 per cent of parents and carers support the education programme, compared to 15 per cent who are against it. 

Throughout the survey, parents were shown a variety of LGBT-inclusive lessons aimed at both primary and secondary levels. One asked if parents of primary school children would be comfortable with their children being taught about different family types. 

Another asked if parents of secondary school children would be happy for them to be taught about LGBTQ+ figures such as tennis champion Billie Jean King.

The LGBT-inclusive education programme was launched in 2021, and covers a range of topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. This includes education of diverse families, LGBT historical figures and the impact of homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying.

While the programme has been applauded by parents and teachers, some say more needs to be done to embed an LGBT-inclusive culture in schools. 

For example, the LGBTQ+ Teachers Network in Scotland released a report in 2023, where they stated that "“pockets of excellent work happening across Scotland but more needs to be done for equity of staff and students."

Scotland was the first country globally to introduce this LGBT-inclusive education programme on such a large scale. 

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