Price increases and food shortages are some of the issues faced by the school meals industry, according to research by LACA, who is calling for increased funding for Free School Meals

If you empower your kitchen teams to make food from scratch, you will soon have happier staff and pupils. Danielle Glavin from Chefs in Schools explains how this can be achieved

The Covid-19 pandemic and the repeated closure of schools has highlighted the social, economic and educational importance of school food, writes Stephen Forster, national chair of LACA

With the Department for Education currently reviewing its School Food Standards, the Soil Association is calling for a compulsory  meat-free day with meals based around beans and pulses

LACA’s Main Event will focus on creating a healthy and sustainable future for school food, recognising the important part school caterers play in delivering this to their students each day

Healthy school meals remain a key tool in the fight against childhood obesity, but there is much more that can be done. LACA’s Michael Hales explains the key areas that can make a significant impact

National School Meals Week takes takes place this week and will see a host of events celebrating all that is great about a healthy school meal. Here’s what is happening

Following the collapse of Carillion, Oxfordshire County Council brought the catering service for its 54 primary schools in-house and gave it a major rebrand. Gail Witchell explains the processs

LACA is working to ensure that the school food industry is playing its part in tackling childhood obesity. Michael Hales, LACA chair, explains how

A whole-school approach to healthy eating means improving healthy choices across all aspects of school life, such as breakfast clubs, tuck shops and lunchtime, writes the BNF's Alex White

How can schools maximise the full potential of their kitchens to deliver healthy, nutritious meals? Catering equipment trade association, ceda, gets some industry views

Cashless systems are slowly becoming the norm in schools, making it easier for payments to be processed and saving administration time. Education Business explores this trend

Jo Nicholas from the Children's Food Trust shares advice on implemented a packed lunch policy in schools

Sally Shadrack, Chair of LACA, explains why the majority of pack lunches do not have the same health benefits for pupils as a school-cooked lunch

A number of reports have indicated that schools can cut down on their energy use and save money by changing what catering equipment they use and how they use them


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