Yewdale Corporation

Yewdale are designers and producers of blinds and curtain tracks, working on a supply-only basis for installers commissioned by educational facilities. Yewdale's blinds are regularly fitted in schools, colleges and universities because they are safe, durable, and enhance the learning environment. 

Recognising the critical importance of student wellbeing, Yewdale blinds are supplied with safety features that eliminate risks associated with cords and chains. All shading systems adhere to building regulations and rigorous safety standards to protect children from potential harm. 

Durable blinds are essential in learning environments
The durability of Yewdale's products is paramount, considering the demanding nature of educational settings. In schools, children tend to damage blinds through unnecessary force during operation or acts of vandalism. Choosing low-cost blinds is not advisable if you want them to last long. 

Yewdale’s blinds are crafted from high-quality materials that withstand frequent use and the general wear and tear typical in schools, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent repairs. Customers have peace of mind that Yewdale’s made-to-measure blinds are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Yewdale produce blinds in the UK under fast lead times, meaning learning facilities can quickly contract an installer to retrofit new blinds in a short timeframe, such as a weekend or half-term. 

An installation company fitted 75 Yewdale roller blinds in teaching and seminar rooms at Birmingham University. They selected manual chain operation and a blackout fabric. The installation took place out-of-hours to avoid disruption to students. Two blind fitters completed the installation quickly due to the ease of installation. 

The most common shading systems selected by educational facilities managers are roller and vertical blinds, although Yewdale also supplies blackout blinds when total blackout is required. Yewdale’s overhead blinds are also fitted in schools with skylights and overhead sloped windows. Detachable crank-operated and electric blinds are available, ensuring only the teacher can operate the blinds, mitigating damage during use.

Practical fabrics
Functionality also plays a crucial role in Yewdale's product design. The company offers blind fabrics that reduce glare on interactive whiteboards, a common issue in classrooms. This consideration improves the visibility of teaching materials and enhances the learning experience for students. 

Blinds also provide a layer of insulation to windows and help maintain comfortable temperatures within educational facilities, contributing to an environment conducive to learning. UK teaching facilities rarely have air-conditioning, so Yewdale solar reflective blind fabrics are a great choice because they reduce the amount of heat entering the room.

In addition to their practical benefits, Yewdale blinds are available in various colours and styles, and fabrics can be supplied with custom prints such as logos, allowing educational institutions to align their window treatments with their interior design preferences.

Curtain tracks
In addition to blinds, Yewdale also manufacture a range of curtain tracks to suit different applications. Their curtain divider track was fitted in The London College of Beauty Therapy to separate a large, open space into several new beauty treatment rooms. This type of track is also a popular and flexible way to divide sports halls and large learning spaces when needed. Yewdale also produce heavy-duty curtain tracks to hang stage curtains from, ideal for school drama studios and performing arts centres.

Over 35 years' experience
With decades of experience, Yewdale's commitment to meeting the diverse needs of customers extends beyond product design. The company understands that delayed deliveries, damaged items, and missing goods can be extremely frustrating, which is why the team set up the Yewdale Elite delivery service in 2015. 

Each order is delivered by a Yewdale van, ensuring a more personalised and efficient service. Unlike third-party couriers, the couriers have a personal interest in each delivery. Orders arrive on time and in perfect condition, allowing the installer to fit the products without any setbacks.

Yewdale's dedication to the education sector is evident in its approach to product development, focusing on creating solutions that meet the sector's unique challenges. By offering child-safe, durable, and functional blinds, Yewdale supports educational institutions in creating safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing learning environments. 

For detailed information on Yewdale's blinds and their use in schools, colleges and universities, visit our website.