We’re excited to be working closely with the education sector in 2024 and beyond, building on the support we’ve already provided to a number of trusts and colleges in the past.

So, a little about us.

We’re one of the largest energy companies in the world, focused on driving the energy transition through cleaner, greener power and building a more sustainable future. We have over 70,000 employees across 15 European countries, more than 54 million customers and operate c1.5 million km of energy networks.

Support for the UK target to reach net zero is fundamental to our strategy. We’ve been investing in and building renewable energy projects since the 1990s, and in just the last decade we’ve invested more than £2.5 billion into renewable energy in the UK.

We’re signed up to the UNFCCC’s ‘race to zero’, meaning we’ve agreed to a science-based net zero target covering our own scope 1-3 emissions (and our customers’ use).

Almost 1 in 5 homes and businesses in Britain are our customers, making us the UK’s largest supplier of electricity. But we’re more than just an energy supplier. We provide a range of technologies and expertise for personalised homes, sustainable businesses, and smart cities.

When it comes to EV, we’ve made significant progress in Europe, and plan on doing the same in the UK. We currently operate over 12,000 charge points in 12 European countries which deliver over 2.5m charging sessions and save over 16,000 tons of CO2 per year.

We aren’t just helping people and organisations make the switch to electric either, we’re undergoing our own transformation. Of the 620 company cars we have in our own fleet, we’ve now switched 79% of them to electric and cut our CO2 emissions by 85% in the last 3 and half years. We’ve also supported our employees in making this switch, working with Lex Autolease and unlocking significant Benefit in Kind tax savings for our drivers. Lex Autolease have used our partnership as an example to other companies as a best-in-class model, and we were even recognised at the recent Green Fleet awards and crowned winners in the private sector category. We’re also converting all of our vans to electric, and we’ve installed charging facilities at every office and depot we own. Not only does this show our commitment, but it’s also helped us learn, and it’s this knowledge that we use to provide the best possible service to our customers, including schools.

Like many employers’, schools are set to face a growing demand for EV charging driven by the steady increase in the number of electric vehicle adopters. They also have their own part to play in this growth and drive toward net zero, with the introduction of the Department for Education salary sacrifice scheme. This initiative enables schools and trusts to implement a mechanism which helps their staff and teachers ditch their old petrol or diesel car and make the switch to an EV. As this is rolled out and the market grows alongside it, the need for a reliable EV infrastructure in educational settings becomes critical. The ultimate impact of all this change is that one day, every car parked at your site will be an EV.

A problem faced by many is, how far do we go right now? You might be thinking 5 chargers is enough, for now, or you might be thinking 20, let’s get it all done. Or you might need some guidance.

The good news is, E.ON can support you, no matter what strategy you have (or don’t). We can work with you to install a handful of chargers to start you on your journey, whilst ensuring the work we do creates an infrastructure that can easily grow, as and when you need it to. We can also install 20 or more chargers, and even support you with navigating any grid connections or supply capacity upgrades. No idea where to start? We’ve got you covered there too, our experts provide free, no-obligation consultation. We can visit your site, assess your needs, provide you with bespoke quotes and options, as well as guidance on accessing workplace charging grants.

But EV is only a small part of what we do. When you start a relationship with us, we want to become your sustainability partner, we’re in it for the long haul. EV is widely regarded as the first step, from there, we can look at solar panels to offset the increased electricity consumption. We can install Building Energy Management Systems to monitor and optimise the efficiency of your consumption. And depending on your location, we can even arrange for you to be connected to District Heating Schemes, or even build your own on site.

EV is the first step we take together.