Labour promises public service worker pay rise

Labour’s election manifesto outlines plans for the average public service worker to benefit from more than £1,600 in April 2020 under a Labour government.

Pledging for the rise to begin to undo the damage caused by the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats since 2010, the move would mean that teachers in state-funded schools will receive almost £2,000 on average.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Our most valuable assets are the dedicated people who work in our public services, but they have been treated appallingly over the last decade of cuts and neglect under the Conservatives. Labour will give our nurses, teachers, doctors, firefighters, police and others a pay rise to begin to undo the damage caused by the Tories and Lib Dems and reward the people who do so much for us all. This is what real change looks like. Labour on your side, while the Tories cosy up to their billionaire backers.”

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