Teacher numbers to increase in Scotland

Targeted funding to recruit 1,000 new teachers and 500 pupil support assistants in the next academic year has been announced by Scottish Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville.

Somerville said that the additional £50 million will support coronavirus education recovery as schools return to full time face-to-face learning. The announcement meets another commitment for the first 100 days of this government.

Additionally, £65.5 million permanent funding will be allocated annually to councils from 2022-23, which will help remove barriers to councils employing these additional staff on permanent contracts and meet the local needs of children and young people. Local authorities will report regularly on staff recruited using this funding, including employment status details.

Somerville said: “Our vision for Covid recovery and our priorities for Scottish education remain unchanged. Recruiting more permanent staff will be one of the cornerstones of recovery alongside the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff intensified support for reducing inequity, and enabling the highest quality of learning and teaching.

“The £50 million funding will allow councils to recruit more teachers and pupil support assistants next year. Looking further ahead, the additional £65 million annual funding delivered as part of the local government settlement will support councils to recruit these additional staff on permanent contracts.”

Since the start of the pandemic 2,700 additional teachers and support staff have been recruited thanks to £190 million from the Scottish Government.

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