The story of Bletchley Park’s Codebreakers will fascinate schoolchildren of all ages

The story of Bletchley Park’s Codebreakers will fascinate schoolchildren of all ages and there is no better way to learn about their work than in the capable and inspiring hands of the heritage attraction’s learning department.

School Trips

As the country’s leading not-for-profit school trips organisation, The School Travel Forum is well placed to discuss the importance of assured quality scheme membership when booking school trips,  the rewards of risk management, and how school trips can benefit more than just the pupils.

Understanding why theatre matters

The National Theatre’s Alice King-Farlow discusses how the theatre can enhance educational learning, open up opportunities, build upon classroom learning and improve a pupils involvement in creative subjects.

The School Travel Forum’s new general manager Gill Harvey explores the reasons why loyalty shouldn’t over-rule assured quality scheme membership when booking school trips

Organising a school trip can be a complicated and unnerving task. The School Travel Forum’s Ian Pearson discusses why school trips needn’t be such a daunting prospect for teachers, and why they shouldn’t be part of a risk-averse culture

With research suggesting that risk assessments put teachers off taking a school trip, the School Travel Forum shares the basic principles of risk management before and during school trips

The National Farm Attractions Network discuss the benefits for schools taking trips to farm attractions, highlighting the important topic of what we eat, and where it comes from

Ian Pearson, general manager of the School Travel Forum, looks at the wealth of evidence showing that school trips and learning outside the classroom raises educational standards and attainment in schools, as well as benefiting pupils personally and socially

By bringing the classroom out into the world, teachers have the most wonderful opportunity to engage all the senses of their students and show the practical application of their students’ studies, writes Mike Newman

Even when planned to the last detail, there is always the potential for group travel to go wrong. Mike Newman from the Group Travel Organisers Association examines the importance of having liability insurance when arranging school trips

School trips can give pupils the opportunity to learn and to mature outside the classroom, as well as create happy memories. Ian Beard, a head teacher and director at charity the School Journey Association talks about the importance of planning and the help the Association can provide

Whilst hotel, hostel and youth centre based school trips continue to be popular and effective, home stays are reported to be declining in popularity. The School Travel Forum’s general manager Ian Pearson explains why and provides some key information on arranging safe and successful home stay trips

Today’s youth hostels are helping school children from all backgrounds to participate in a range of different activities in rural and urban areas across the country. YHA’s Jamie Walls explains how

David Rushton, head of education and leisure at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, talks us through the guidelines for planning fun, safe excursions for pupils

Pat Harris of BUSK UK explains how to take the hassle out of organising a school trip by coach and what BUSK is doing to raise quality and safety standards among coach operators


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