Problems with stress, burnout and staff retention are all
 clear indications that there is a need for change

How can teachers be expected to adequately support children’s mental wellbeing without support themselves? Julian Stanley CEO at the Education Support Partnership shares some tips

Enough about teacher stress: it’s time for a new dialogue

Being able to measure the impact that health and well-being has on motivation, performance and retention of staff can be a school’s greatest asset. Babcock Education describes why happy and healthy staff will have a positive impact on the learning outcomes of children.

Evidence shows that the right amount of pressure is stimulating and enabling, but how do you get the balance right? Ann McCracken, vice president of the International Stress Management Association examines the issue

The Health and Safety Executive revealed that teaching is one of the most stressful professions, with 41.5 per cent of teachers saying they are ‘highly stressed’. Jayne Morris, resident life coach expert for NHS Online Health Sector, offers advice on what to look for and ways to combat stress and discusses the finding of a Teachers Assurance survey into the matter

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