With STEM forming such a vital role in our society – especially as the UK works towards its net-zero ambitions – it is crucial that all young people have access to hands-on STEM experiences at school, writes Dan Powell, head of Neon at EngineeringUK

The link between STEM education and future jobs

Julie Feest, CEO of the Engineering Development Trust (EDT) explores the current state of STEM engagement in schools

The Year of Engineering

The government has announced that 2018 will be the ‘Year of Engineering’ as part of plans to tackle the engineering skills gap

Taking on the STEM challenge

In partnership with the Science Museum and STEM Learning, the BP’s Ultimate STEM Challenge is inviting students aged 11 to 14 to use their STEM skills to help reduce our impact on the environment

Stationery: the core resource for schools

BESA’s Cleo Fatoorehchi examines how shifts in the education market are affecting the way stationery is purchased

Design and technology is the study of how to think, develop and make a better world, and should be valued and nurtured in a post-Brexit UK

In order to give young people a world-leading STEM education, teachers should have access to high impact professional development and quality-assured resources

How do we make sure students are engaged with STEM subjects and make more informed choices about their future careers?

With the CREST Awards turning 30 this year, the British Science Association reflect back on how the programme has thrived during shifts in education policy and curriculum changes.

Andrew Mabbett, researcher at BESA, examines how to get the young generation excitied about STEM subjects in post Brexit Britain.

More than 120 teenagers from schools across the UK presented projects designed to make life ‘easier, simpler or better’ to a host of celebrities and judges at the TeenTech Awards. Education Business looks at this year’s stand out entries.

Getting to the root of STEM education

Maggie Philbin explores STEM opportunities in schools and the career possibilities we should be making pupils aware of.

Opening up a world of scientific possibilities

Science often and unfortunately has a negative label that it is too difficult to do, a bit nerdy, and boring in the classroom. The British Science Association talks about changing the perception.

Adding inspiration to the mathematics equation

Ems Lord, director of NRICH, tackles some of the key misconceptions regarding mathematics, and highlights the prominent role it should hold in the teaching of STEM subjects.

Celebrating science in your school

Taking place on 11-20 March, British Science Week will once again challenge schools to engage in science, promoting innovation and inspiration for a generation of pupils in the UK. The British Science Association’s Elspeth Houlding provides an insight to the week.


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