Unqualified teacher levels reflect the wider teacher shortage, says ASCL

Unqualified teacher levels reflect the wider teacher shortage, says ACSL

According to the DfE’s annual school workforce survey, the amount of teachers without formal qualifications has increased by over 60 per cent in four years.

The survey calculates that 24,000 teachers in state schools, more than 5 per cent of the total number, do not have qualified teacher status.

Deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders Malcolm Trobe said the use of unqualified staff reflects the wider teacher shortage: “There are not enough qualified teachers out there".

The Labour Party’s analysis of the figures estimates that over 610,000 pupils are affected, based on a class size of 25.5 pupils.

In 2012 the rules were changed to allow free schools and academies to recruit unqualified teachers, which the Government said was in order to allow them tor recruit more professionals, such as scientists, engineers, musicians and experienced teachers from overseas. Local authority controlled schools still require teachers to have qualified teacher status, with exemptions such as specialist instructors, teachers trained overseas and trainee teachers.

Shadow schools minister Mike Kane said: "The government have completely failed in their most basic of tasks and are clearly relying on unqualified teachers to plug the gaps.

A Department for Education spokesman said: "The number of teachers overall has risen by 15,500 since 2010 and the proportion of qualified teachers in schools remains high."

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