Scottish union EIS rejects 9 per cent pay offer

Scottish union EIS rejects 9 per cent pay offer

Scotland's largest teaching union, EIS, has rejected an improved pay deal by 57% to 43% (81 per cent turnout). This is moving schools across Scotland closer to possible strike action.

Leaders of the union will hold talks today to consider their next steps. Local government body Cosla said it had offered a 9% increase, with a further 3% next year, to be funded with Scottish Government cash. The union is holding out for a 10% rise.

The result of the ballot was announced shortly after leaders of the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association union revealed its members had voted in favour of the deal - almost two thirds (64%) of the voted to accept the pay rise on a turn out of 76%.

SSTA general secretary Seamus Searson said: "The government must not see this decision as a boost to teacher morale as many members were voting to get a pay rise that has been long overdue."

Gail Macgregor, education spokeswoman at Cosla, said: "We absolutely value the education of our young people and throughout these negotiations have re-iterated the value we place on our teachers and the work that they do.

"That is why a very fair offer, at the absolute limits of what we could afford, was presented to our teachers and I am disappointed with today's rejection."

Macgregor added: "Industrial action in our schools is in nobody's interests and it is for this reason we will continue to engage as positively as we can with government and the trade unions."

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