42 per cent jump in teachers having second jobs

One in six people in education are taking up second jobs as concerns over the cost-of-living crisis intensify.

Data published by Teacher Tapp found there was a 42 per cent increase in the proportion of educators who do other work outside of their job in teaching.

Teacher Tapp, a survey app for teachers with over 10,000 users, asked its subscribers at the start of each year if they had earned money "outside education in the preceding 12 months."

From 2019 through to 2022, the proportion answering yes had stayed at around 12 per cent.

This year, there was a leap to 17 per cent.

This jump comes amid an increase in teacher strikes over wages and workload.

They found that men are slightly more likely to earn money outside of education (20 per cent of men compared to 16 per cent of women).

The figures reveal issues with the correlation between seniority and pay, as only eight per cent of headteachers have a second job.

Teacher Tapp suggested that the low rate of headteachers with second jobs is because they are "either too well paid, or too busy, for side hustles."