Education Business picks its top ten educational buildings that use modern design and construction techniques to provide an outstanding teaching and learning environment

School sports flooring plays a pivotal role in keeping pupils fit and safe, says Nick Egan

Innovative modular building solutions for the education sector

Given the steady rise in pupil numbers and the pressures this puts on schools to offer places, Jackie Maginnis of the Modular and Portable Building Association discusses the benefits of modular and offsite build as a possible solution to the ongoing problem.

In a time of tightening budgets, effective asset management is becoming a vital tool to sustain high quality education. Navil Shetty, Andy Green and Terry Stocks, writing on behalf of the Institute of Asset Management, offer a number of recommendations for asset management in schools

At a time when pressure on school places and buildings is increasing, and the public sector 
is being asked to make more cuts on spending, it is critical that school providers understand 
current issues on planning if they are to make best use of their built assets, according to 
Karen Cooksley and Lindsay Garratt from law firm Winckworth Sherwood

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