With many parents reporting a poor food culture in their children's schools, what can schools do to ensure their pupils are nurtured in a healthy food environment?

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Obesity, along with mental health, is now one of the most serious public health challenges that our society faces in the 21st century. Dave Harvey, national chair of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres, explains how outdoor education can help tackle the obesity issue.

Although positive steps have been taken to tackle childhood obesity, the looming health crisis has not gone away. Education Business looks at the risks we face and what is being done

Obesity poses an unacceptable risk to the wellbeing of British children. Education Business takes a look at how the issue is affecting school children and at recent efforts to combat it

Active outdoor play becomes part of a child’s ongoing lifestyle and is just as important as PE and sport in tackling child obesity, writes Dr Colin MacAdam of the Association of Play Industries

What is the government doing to tackle childhood obesity and improve the health of our youth, and is it enough, asks Tam Fry, honorary Chairman of the Child Growth Foundation
 and Spokesman for the National Obesity Forum

Tam Fry FRSA, honorary chairman of the Child Growth Foundation and the National Obesity Forum, examines the problem of childhood obesity and advocates an early start – when the would-be mother is still at school

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