The Fire Industry Association's Jamie Gale outlines the responsibilities of premises management in maintaining, overseeing and ensuring compliance of fire detection and alarm systems

If a fire detector isn’t installed correctly, it might work when tested, but might not actually activate in the event of a fire. The Fire Industry Association explains what you need to know

How good is your knowledge of fire safety law? And do you know your legal responsibilities? The Fire Industry Association shares the main points from fire safety legislation in the UK

The hidden danger of fire extinguishers

Ignored fire extinguishers have a hidden danger and can fail to operate if not properly maintained

 Staying fire‑safe with school sprinklers

While there is around a one in 20 chance of a fire breaking out in a school, the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire has fuelled the debate about whether sprinklers should be mandatory in English schools

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower, school unions have called for the government to survey all schools for combustible cladding and to fit all schools with fire sprinklers

Inadequate passive fire protection was among the failings identified in the Edinburgh Schools inquiry, which saw 17 schools close last year due to construction defects

Understanding fire safety duties

The devastating effects of the recent fire at Selsey Academy have underlined the importance of the correct fire safety measures and procedures in any building used by the public

The importance of the fire alarm log book in schools

Familiarity with fire drill procedures should be a prominent aspect of a teacher’s knowledge of the school. Catherine Nelms, of the Fire Industry Association, outlines why using the fire alarm log book is vital for schools across the country.

Gary Laird, risk management chairman of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and former firefighter, gives his advice on how schools can prevent blazes

Each year in England and Wales more than 1,300 schools suffer fires large enough for the Fire and Rescue Service to be called out. Graham Ellicot of the FIA gives the lowdown on the latest policy.

Is there a recurring problem of unwanted fire signals at your education premises, asks Graham Ellicott, of the Fire Industry Association, and explains how to combat the issue

Over 60 percent of school fires are started deliberately and each year in England and Wales more than 1,300 schools suffer fires large enough to be attended by the fire and rescue service, writes Graham Ellicott, CEO, the Fire Industry Association


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