Concerns raised over minimum service levels during strikes

The Confederation of School Trusts (CST), national body representing multi-academy trusts, is seeking legal advice over government plans to implement minimum service levels in schools during strikes.

Confederation of School Trusts Chief Executive Leora Cruddas CBE said: "Since this policy was first mooted we have consistently made the point to government that it is essential organisations representing employers like CST are involved in discussions, as the power to enact the legislation would sit with employers.

"We will need to consider our position carefully, after talking to our members. Our immediate thoughts are that there are a range of principles that must be carefully considered, including the balance between disruption to children’s education and the right to strike.

"As we have previously said, we have several concerns about this policy. In the context of a severe recruitment and retention crisis, significant challenges in the school sector and delicate industrial relations, we are concerned about the potential impact of such a policy. We are worried about whether the proposal would be implementable for a number of reasons on which we will now seek advice.”