Young people believe education will improve in the future

According to a YouGov poll, young people believe that social mobility is getting worse, but education will improve for future generations.

The research on social mobility shows that people are optimistic that education will get better, but think job security and housing will get worse.

Around 5,000 people responded to the survey, which found that 64 per cent of participants felt that their education was better than their parents.

About 40 per cent said that education will improve, with 15 per cent stating that it will get worse.

This was in contrast with other areas asked about – only 16 per cent thought job security would improve, with 39 per cent thinking it would get worse.

In terms of housing, around 38 per cent felt future generations would be worse off, with just 21 per cent believing the situation would improve. The survey was conducted before the general election.

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