80 per cent of teachers said they had suffered bullying in the last year, according to a survey of nearly 2,000 teachers by NASUWT

For those expected to have completed year 11 in 2017, as many as 8.1 per cent of the entire pupil population were subject to moves that cannot be accounted for.

Sutton Trust research shows 32 per cent of senior leaders in primary schools said they’d had to cut teachers, however 72 per cent reported cutting teaching assistants.

Labour says it will consult with teachers and parents to develop a more flexible and practical system of assessment that is tailored to individual pupils

Special needs provision in England has lost out on £1.2 billion because of shortfalls in funding increases from central government since 2015.

The Scottish Government has announced £340,000 to ensure those children that need it get a nutritious meal and a place to play and socialise during the school holidays.

Sixty-two per cent cited workload as the reason for leaving, and 40 per cent said accountability

The Department for Education has confirmed that it will fully-fund free sanitary products in all primary schools in England from early next year.

New rules proposed by the ICO will make sure only the minimum amount of children's personal data is collected and retained and geolocation services should be switched off by default.

A £15m Community Hubs Capital Grant fund will be available to local authorities and schools in Wales to fund projects that cater for the local community.

‘UK Returners’ will retain the right to access tuition fee and living-cost support on the same basis as they have under EU rules.

The funding will allow councils to fund projects like family reading sessions, local parenting pop ups and improved training for early years professionals.