Hinds announces measures to boost governor recruitment

The Education Secretary Damian Hinds will today (11 June) announce measures to boost recruitment and retention of governors.

This includes joining with the Institute of Directors to call on more than 30,000 leading British businesses to encourage their employees to lend their expertise in the running of schools and colleges.

The budget for training and support for governors will be doubled to £6 million up to 2021 to ensure more school leaders have access to training courses.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds is expected to say: “How would we run our schools without this army of volunteers? I want to do everything I can to help boost governor recruitment and retention. Because, quite simply, we need more great people.

“So today I’m issuing a call to arms, appealing to people up and down the country to take on this vital role – to play their part in helping the next generation to thrive.

“I want to urge people from different backgrounds, different professions, to come forward – offer up your time, your energy, your skills, your expertise… I’m also making an appeal to the nation’s employers today.

“Because of course to become a governor, people with full-time jobs will need their employer’s support. I believe businesses can make a contribution to society here – and it’s not just schools either. Governors of Further Education colleges are key to providing the skills and training businesses need, and will play a pivotal role delivering our new T Level qualifications.

“That’s why I’m writing to the 30,000 members of the Institute of Directors, urging them to encourage employees to take on this role, and give them the time it needs.”

The joint letter from the Secretary of State and the Institute of Directors has been sent to IoD members and will look to build on these existing relationships between schools and businesses.

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