STA finds that Harris Primary Academy 'over aided pupils' in Sats exams

STA finds that Harris Primary Academy 'over aided pupils' in Sats exams

An investigation by the Standards and Testing Agency (STA) has found that year six pupils at the Harris Primary Academy Philip Lane in north London, were “over-aided” in maths and English Sats exam papers.

A letter to parents stated: “To our dismay, the STA has concluded that pupils were over-aided in their English reading and maths reasoning papers. We want to apologise to all children and parents for what has happened and assure you that we are taking the matter extremely seriously.”

Formerly Downhills Primary School, it was taken over by the Harris Federation academy chain in 2012.

A spokesperson for the Harris Federation told the Independent: “The academy has apologised to former year six families who have not received their Maths or English reading Sats results. This is because of the STA’s finding of over-aiding in their reading and Maths reasoning papers.

“Pupils have been given accurate teacher assessments and these have been provided to the secondary schools they are moving on to, along with their grammar, punctuation and spelling results. This will ensure their transition to secondary school is not affected.” 

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