School Catering

School Catering is the UKs only purchase order only website specially designed for the education sector. No need for credit cards or up front payment.

Simply fill in your school details, set up your own school account and you can start to order from the most comprehensive catalogue of catering equipment on the web specially selected for school and college needs. We supply all top brands of catering equipment giving you peace of mind that what you order is of the best quality.

With over 20 years experience in the school catering sector be assured that all of the products have been specially chosen to suit your needs, making ordering for your kitchen quick and simple. From ladles for your baked beans, a new counter fridge for your senior school canteen, colourful salad trolley to jazz up your dining room or full kitchen installation including extract systems , School Catering provides it all.

Please visit our website. call us for a chat or email us for more information.

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