New Smart Locker Elevating Education Technology

Industry-leading experts in Smart Lockers and Storage and Charging Solutions, LapSafe® launches a new Smart Locker.

As the demand for easily accessible devices continues to be a hot topic within the education sector, LapSafe®’s newest Smart Locker, Envoy™, is designed to rapidly deploy devices without staff interaction, which in return saves time in the classroom.

We’re in a digital world, that requires our educational facilities to keep up with technology as it continuously evolves. It has been proven that providing students with accessible devices can significantly enhance learning and help bridge the digital divide, with that said, the process needs to be seamless and fast in order not to compromise learning time. The new Envoy® Smart Locker is designed to support just that.

Up to 32 charged devices can each be rapidly deployed by scanning an ID at the easy-to-use reader. Once authorised, a locker bay will open to a charged device ready for use. When the user has finished with the device, they simply place it back on charge in the Smart Locker, ready for the next user. This fast, self-service process is efficient and pragmatic.