Cleenol is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality cleaning and hygiene products. We are an  independent family-owned and run company celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2023 and can even trace its roots to the early 1700s. The fourth-generation family business – based in Banbury, Oxfordshire – has established a strong reputation for its Lift and British Nova brands, Evolution super concentrates and for its ability to produce high quality private label products.

Also, an exporter to more than 40 countries, Cleenol boasts a varied client portfolio including local authorities, Government departments and appointed distributors throughout the UK and worldwide, as well as wholesalers and stockists in a range of marketplaces.

We operate in the following sectors including cleaning and FM, hospitality, laundry, hotels and holiday accommodation, manufacturing, construction, and flooring contractors, automotive and transport, tourism and leisure, education, healthcare and leisure.

Our portfolio of products covers a broad range:

Lift is a well-known brand for hard surface cleaning. British Nova is another historical brand well recognised for its floorcare product performance. We know that in the care Home environment and some school premises, OPL is a keen area of cleaning performance need and our Crystalbrite brand covers laundry at OPL’s and includes low temp products to help cost saving.

Investment in crockery and glassware can be expensive in any business. Osmos offers a broad range of warewash and glass wash products for both automatic and manual use aimed at prolonging the life of the investment.

Our Senses handwash is designed for frequent use. It can be used to refill a wall-mounted soap dispenser and is available in three scents – Rose Lily, Peach, and Green Apple. Or if you are looking for a more luxurious range, try our Ast & Greaves products. Our carefully balanced, lightly perfumed handwashes are available in Jasmine & Apple Blossom and Black Pepper & Ginseng.

We also provide a range of hand sanitiser products. A skin friendlier solution to our alcohol-based products is our Senses Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser designed for frequent use. It dries more slowly than alcohol-based sanitisers meaning you get better coverage (you rub your hands together for longer) with a more durable resistance on your skin – up to 4 hours compared to alcohol-based sanitisers at 2 minutes.

Our latest addition is our White Antibacterial Hand Wash. A quality, white, unfragranced antibacterial hand soap. Developed for frequent use in the care and food sectors its mild yet effective formula. Brings peace of mind in terms of positive hand hygiene.

We have a range of super concentrates aimed at cost control, reduced packaging and transport and storage costs under the Evolution, X2 and Easidose brands that feed into our sustainability ethos that is best seen in the latest product range, edencleen.

edencleen, our latest brand, reaffirms our commitment to our credentials for environmental guardianship, and represents an evolution of what has been an integral part of our DNA. edencleen has been designed to reflect in part our vision for a cleaner, safer world, that touches not only the environmental aspects of sustainability, but has as an aim, a social ambition to leave the planet in the safe care of and for future generations. As such with edencleen, Cleenol looks to ensure transparency in our approach, which may on occasion result in some counter intuitive elements.

The range covers the essential needs to cover 80% of daily cleaning and include: a washroom cleaner and toilet gel cleaner and urinal deodoriser, an all-purpose surface sanitiser, a degreaser, and a washing up liquid, a no rinse floor degreaser, a window cleaner and a laundry detergent and fabric softener.

edencleen products have been developed around the following principles and ingredients.

  • RSPO certified palm oil derivatives
  • No animal derived products
  • Cruelty free
  • Minimal petrochemical derived products
  • No parabens, formaldehyde, CMI/MIT, triclosan, phosphates, chlorine bleaches, optical brighteners, quaternary ammonium compounds
  • VOC free and phosphate, EDTA, NTA free
  • Recyclable / recycled packaging
  • 100% bio-based surfactant - made by using bio-based ethylene oxide which is manufactured from biomass ethanol.
  • Bioethanol, naturally derived acids, sugar-based surfactants, bio-based solvents, low impact preservatives

Combining carefully formulated products, with appropriate packaging, using recycled material or recyclable componentry, the range’s mostly colourless liquid and low fragrance usage are designed to convey a transparency and straightforwardness of our approach which will be a hallmark of all edencleen products and associated services.
Rounding off with a range for automotive/transport called Autocleen offering great cleaning performance for transport fleets, with traffic film removers, high performance screen wash and deicers