Design and Build

Glasdon are a trusted leader in manufacturing and supplying sustainable solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of busy school environments. Our comprehensive range of products are designed to facilitate efficient waste and recycling management and provide practical solutions for cycle storage and grounds maintenance.

Signs and Graphics

First Impression Counts
From the signs that announce your presence to the quality and conditions of every corner of your properties, implement and manage brands in your spaces and places, First impressions count

We specialise in taking the concept off the page and developing leading brandware solutions from design, strategy and implementation into a physical environment.


Responsible for as much as 50% of UK greenhouse gas emissions, achieving climate-neutral building stock by 2050 is high on the agenda for educational organisations. One facet of education buildings that exhibits consistent year-round demands and dependency is domestic hot water or DHW, as a result it can deliver instant sustainability wins.


UK, January 2023 – Milton Keynes has recently welcomed a new intake of students to its first-ever fossil-free school. The completely gas-free all-years facility also uses the latest LED luminaires to keep harvested energy use to the minimum, creating a modern, green learning environment in the heart of the community.

Design and Build

Dancers can spend hours working in a dance studio, it is their place of work and should offer a safe environment fit for purpose. The floor is a dancer’s most important work tool; not only is it the canvas for their creativity, it also gives them protection against slips, falls and longer-term stress injuries.


Leadership teams in Schools & Academies are faced with increased energy costs that are having a real impact on school finances. In some extreme cases, schools are faced with the tough decision of sacrificing teaching resource to pay the increased energy costs that are likely here to stay.
During 2022 we have seen schools move from paying £0.16p per kWh to £0.80p per kWh on new electricity contracts. Therefore energy is at the top of the agenda for most school boards and governors.


Chameleon PDE provide consultancy, training, and teaching resources that inspire schools to seek excellence in the personal development of their pupils. Chameleon PDE have a burgeoning reputation as the 'go-to' provider for schools who wish to advance this area of the curriculum and evidence outstanding practice.


Webrecruit exists to help education organisations be productive in their work by reducing the time and costs associated with hiring through the power of recruitment technology and talent attraction-focused advertising, supported by our highly recommended customer service. Webrecruit helps thousands of organisations to hire every day via our strategic, customisable and cost-effective solutions that create the perfect hiring platform for our clients to successfully fill their roles, first time.


Urbis Schréder offer LED lighting and control solutions, connecting education spaces and places to enable improved environments, whilst enhancing standards, improving learning experience and reimagining the way light is used through efficiency, innovation, sustainability, and expertise.

Information Technology

As many areas of modern life increasingly migrate into the digital space, the education sector is not an exception. Fuelled by the requirements of the pandemic, e-learning and e-teaching is becoming more prevalent than ever. Writing code snippets, drawing, presenting and many PC-based activities and classes are now part of the curriculum of many schools.

Design and Build

Rubb Buildings Ltd designs and manufactures high-quality, relocatable and permanent engineered fabric tensioned buildings.
The design and planning flexibility, speed of construction and durable, cost-effective operation of Rubb sports structures provide schools and universities with a competitive edge. Rubb can deliver sports hubs, multi-use sports halls, football facilities, netball domes and more, worldwide.

Alternative Stretch Tents
Design and Build

Alternative Stretch Tents can provide covered outdoor space on a short, long or semi permanent basis. Stretch Tents can create great covered space all year round on a short, minimal fuss install time. Alternative Stretch Tents have been providing outdoor covered spaces for nearly 10 years predominantly for the events industry. However becoming more and more popular in the Education sector, Stretch Tents have been serving their purpose year round up and down the country.

Information Technology

GDPRiS is a cloud-based, all-in-one data protection management and monitoring solution for schools and Trusts. Designed with in-built knowledge of the data used in the education sector GDPRiS reflects existing processes and the way schools work whilst pro-actively prompting them to meet and exceed the requirements of UK GDPR, DPA2018 and emerging standards around Cyber Security.

EXA - Networks Ltd
Information Technology

Exa has provided reliable internet services to thousands of schools since 2003. From connectivity to content filtering, monitoring and firewalls, we deliver a fully managed solution that can be tailored to your needs.

But we’re more than just an ISP, we’re committed to improving the learning experiences of pupils nationwide. In 2015, we launched The Exa Foundation with the specific aim to promote digital learning in schools, and encourage young people to consider careers in tech.


Does your school or college have an audible lockdown system that is fit for purpose?

Audiebant have developed and deployed effective Lockdown and Communication Audio Systems which are tailored to meet the needs of individual educational sites.

Audiebant Lockdown Systems provide instructions to students and staff directing them to find a safe, secure location or exit strategy, dependant on the type of emergency; therefore reducing or eliminating potential casualties and managing incidents.

Information Technology

It’s no secret, that over the past few years’ workspaces have vastly changed, with more and more staff hot desking or hybrid working, the IT department have their work cut out. It’s all about enhancing the users experience and speeding up IT response times.

Fire Safety

Doors Plus Group specialise in the supply and installation of Bi-laterally, Primary tested, UKAS accredited, 3rd party certified Fire Doorsets and Passive Fire Protection.


Turning a thermostat to maximum is often the first thing a student does when entering their room for the first time. Nine times out of ten, it will remain at this setting for the duration of their stay. In our experience if the room is too warm, they will cool it by opening the window rather than adjusting the thermostat again!