Who are SolarNet?

SolarNet was formed in 2006 and we focus on automation engineering, network architecture, design, security controls, incident response as well as providing IT consultancy and a breadth of cyber security services.

Our team consists of people who have a great depth of knowledge and expertise covering a wide spectrum of skills from: 

  •  Automation Engineers
  •  Business Analysts
  •  Network Engineers
  •  Project Managers
  •  Security Analysts
  •  Senior Security Operations Centre Managers
  •  Software Developers


We have a global partner network which continues to grow and enables us to offer high quality and cost-effective technology solutions covering:

  •  Automated IT Asset and Vulnerability Management
  •  Cyber security Assessments & Incident Response Plans
  •  Email and Firewall Protection
  •  Endpoint Protection
  •  External and Internal Attack Surface Management
  •  Penetration Testing (Wired and Wireless Networks)
  •  Security Incident and Event Monitoring (SIEM)
  •  Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)
  •  Workflow Automation
  •  ZeroTrust for Fixed and Mobile IT


How can SolarNet help schools, colleges and universities?
If only protecting your pupil, student and young person’s data was as simple as protecting them in the school grounds.
Pupils, students and young people learning within a safe and secure digital environment is paramount to their development and essential if they are to achieve the best possible outcome from their journey through education, SolarNet are here to help.

We provide security assessments covering all types of IT infrastructure, applications and services such as; Microsoft 365 and more. The assessments provide a current view of an organisation’s security posture, identify any vulnerabilities, and through the use of augmented threat intelligence we can check for any malicious campaigns that are actively exploiting them. This serves to provide a more accurate measure of how susceptible an organisation may be to becoming a victim of a successful cyber-attack.

SolarNet can also help in the creation and review of incident response plans which serve to provide an organisation with a set of well-defined processes that can be used to perform containment, mitigation and remediation activities should a security incident arise.

We offer expert guidance enabling you to obtain cyber security accreditations.
Through our global partner network, we can provide technology solutions tailored for education covering things like IT asset and vulnerability management, external attack surface management, risk and compliance, penetration testing, business process automation, as well as ZeroTrust capabilities.

What are the ProtectEd by SolarNet® and AutomatEd® by SolarNet initiatives?
The initiatives were born out of the success of exhibiting at InfoSec Europe 2023. We spoke to many people who visited our stand at the show and the majority of those were employed by large enterprise organisations and held senior positions dealing with cyber security on a daily basis. A large proportion of them also had links to education either as governors or had partners who worked in education, and it was clear that they could see a real and urgent need for what we were offering for the education sector.

This combined with the rapid transformation of how children are being taught through the use of online learning platforms and an increasing reliance on a digital curriculum just served to reinforce our views that cyber security was now of critical importance within education.

The ProtectEd by SolarNet® set of products and services are tailored for education, enabling all educators to have the same cyber security protection that global enterprise-level businesses benefit from today.

The AutomatEd by SolarNet® set of products and services are focussed on delivering workplace automation for education. Education settings are not immune to the effects of complex and tedious manual processes which often get in the way of delivering positive outcomes and also lead to frustrations felt by staff, students and parents alike. No matter what processes, systems or technologies are in use, SolarNet can help you maximise your investment in IT and gain those all-important efficiencies by combining capabilities.

How can people get in touch?
Our website is great place to start as there's lots of information about what we offer, including pricing for the education sector. Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page where you can send a direct message or if you'd prefer to speak to one of the team directly then you can call us on the number provided.

We are BESA Launchpad approved members, and as such are registered on the BESA supplier directory as well as being onboarded as quality suppliers to the EverythingICT and EverythingFM frameworks.

SolarNet are also proud cyber security web portal sponsors of the Association of Network Managers in Education aka ANME. If you work in IT in education and you're already a member or looking to become a member we'd highly recommend using the ANME portal. It enables our team to join discussions and share our knowledge and expertise in cyber security with a community of IT professionals that are part of education.

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