Philips professional displays

Philips professional displays and monitors elevate smart schooling, bringing education settings to life.

Networked or standalone, interactive touchscreens, static signage or unlimited direct view LED - with our total solution approach, the display is just the beginning. Harness the power of your familiar software, augmented with additional education features and functionality, and bring about enhanced learning experiences all across campus.

Interactive classroom displays empower teamworking between students and teachers, dvLED delivers on limitless creativity, digital signage follows through with flexible information and wayfinding, and pro TVs combine crystal-clear picture quality and unrivalled functionality for student entertainment and presenting.

The flexibility of our Android SoC delivers powerful software integration, while remote management and content creation is easy with our PPDS Wave ecosystem.

So, whether you need to enhance collaboration, to engage students on site or at home, or to inform the whole college community, move confidently into the future with Philips professional displays.

Engage with Philips E-Line interactive classroom displays
Create a classroom that revels in learning. The Philips E-Line education display supports teachers, lecturers and instructors across all disciplines with intuitive technology that can awaken learners’ curiosity and inspire imagination.

Built on an Android SoC platform for a truly intuitive user experience, and featuring multi-touch technology and whiteboard mode, this innovative touch screen has been designed together with educators, especially for education.

Philips E-Line delivers wireless screensharing for up to 64 devices, a built-in Chromium web browser and an interactive whiteboard, as well as access to Learnhub software. Plus options for third party videoconferencing, a blue light filter, and more.

Complete with all the features and applications needed to deliver effective, efficient and engaging lessons and lectures in the classroom, the Philips E-Line is a great solution for students and educators in a hybrid, distance and flex-learning environment.
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Display power-free with the new, Advanced colour ePaper Philips Tableaux
Versatility and sustainability meld into one with Philips Tableaux ePaper displays. Whether used to digitise paper-based signage, or to replace current digital models used for showing static images in 60,000 vibrant colours with ultra clear, easily updatable technology, these game-changing displays deliver - needing no power to show content, and only super low power when you are swapping it out.

Perfect for environments without close access to power, Philips Tableaux are ultimately portable. Position and reposition them, displaying colourful static content in the same way as your paper posters, but without the wasted natural resources, and without the wasted time.

Only requiring a power connection when loading new content, whether remotely or on the spot, Philips Tableaux bring flexibility to your display fleet. With no need for a nearby power supply to deliver across campus messaging and advertising, important information, menus, and more.
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Inspire with Philips B-Line with Chromecast built-in for confident classroom collaboration
For a classroom display that delivers on collaboration without touchscreen functionality, the Philips B-Line delivers with confident technology that achieves incredible connectivity and optimal results.

Philips B-Line features Chromecast built-in, so you can share and communicate content and presentations without issues. Bringing your students’ greatest ideas to life in the classroom has never been easier.

Android-powered, the Philips B-Line is fast, versatile and easy to navigate. All displays are optimised for native Android apps and you can install web apps directly to the display too. Automatic updates ensure apps – and your display – stay up to date.
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Size up to Philips L-Line 6000 Series LED displays ideal for the biggest picture
Wherever a 16:9, 21:9 or 32:9 ratio display is required, Philips 6000 Series direct view LED delivers. Presenting a true value for money dvLED solution, with power saving and sustainability, as well as fire safety, all locked in, the Philips 6000 Series is a true fit for education.

With the 6000 Series, superior depths of black and colour are matched only by the clearest, crispest resolution. With perfection in the detail, each panel’s calibration settings can be customised for wall-to-edge correction.

Active Health Monitoring makes maintenance and parts replacement predictable, fast and efficient, pinpointing the problem and its location in real time. Working both on- and offline – a must-have solution for IT and AV managers with multiple locations.
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