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At Ogilvie Fire Protection we have a single core value, this value is Quality. Since our inception 6.5 years ago, we have grown, winning new customers based on this shared passion for quality. Quality of initial engagement, customer interactions, stakeholder outcomes, transparent quality assurance and  a delivery team focused on this single core value.

From our small beginnings 6.5 years ago, we have always worked to continually improve and to give stakeholders greater confidence in Passive Fire Protection, the profile of our solutions being accelerated following the tragedy of Grenfell. We set ourselves apart from our competition by focusing on quality outcomes, high value, lower overall cost, and the preservation of life. All our customers have grown with our business and see us as part of their own teams in driving positive and lasting organisational changes for those occupying buildings in locations from Aberdeen to Antarctica.

We have been contacted by many organisations who had been used to poor service, zero engagement and transparency, who were just looking for trusted partners who not only met expectations, but exceeded them.

Our core business, representing 90% of our income is focused on working in occupied spaces for Housing Associations, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Retailers, Industrial, Aerospace, Health and Hospitality throughout the UK. The other 10% of our income has been focused on working with clients a little further from home, winning contracts in the World Heritage archipelago of St. Kilda, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica, showing that whether it is 10 miles or 10,000 miles from our offices that our single core value travels well and is easily understood. These contracts have allowed us to demonstrate to project teams Globally that we care about what we do, offer support to ensure the right solution is specified in the first instance, and that we are open and transparent throughout.

We have only engaged with those people and organisations who have this same shared value and the vision to move away from the old ways of doing things.

In 2020 and 2021 we were badly impacted by COVID regulations due to the sectors we had chosen to work in, and since 2022 have seen a massive uptake in our customers, and in a sector plagued by skills shortages, we have met this head on. As an employer, we knew that the only way to change things in our sector, was to address each of them through our customer interactions.

A vision for Skills, Qualifications, Inclusion and Social Mobility

In the UK, we know we only have a finite human resource to deliver more work. Our experience has been, that rather than recruiting from the same pool as everyone else, that we would develop our own talent pool. Our core team, with over 250 years of combined experience in Fire Protection form a coaching and training team, where people learn on the job, are exposed to new development opportunities and work towards both the standard of an NVQ, and our own standard, set considerably higher than other Passive Fire Protection businesses. We employ a diverse range of people from the age of 18 to 65, many of them having been retrained following redundancy and employing many young or long-term unemployed individuals from the Communities we work in. We have made a commitment to all in our team that we really want to see them go places in life and with Ogilvie Fire Protection. We, through partnerships have generated over 300 NVQ learning outcomes in Passive Fire Protection, Interior Finishing & First Line Management. This journey continues with our ‘Golden Thread’ vocational learning tools currently in development, meaning our leaders today, will be leaders in the industry of the future.

21st Century Layers of Quality Assurance

Ogilvie Fire Protection layering of Quality Assurance (QA) is probably the single toolset that keeps our team focused on Quality, while retaining customers and winning new ones. With 6 layers of checks and balances in our digital QA, we are light years ahead in terms of our quality delivery capability. Every item we produce is recorded, signed off by operatives, supervisors, all images checked back office, reviewed against specifications, completed in QA System, verified by client, signed off fully and Certified under FIRAS 3’rd Party scheme . In 6.5 years, we have digital records of every item, on every job, in over 650 locations. This system has been stress tested over 8000 miles from the UK on multiple projects in the Falkland Islands and is being used now in Antarctica. All data, including images, operatives, locations, and specifications are stored for a period of 10 years on both vendor and OFP servers, so that all information is fully transparent and can be shared with stakeholders quickly and easily.

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