INEQE Safeguarding Group

INEQE Safeguarding Group is a leading independent safeguarding organisation based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Over 250 years of safeguarding expertise is brought together with the brilliance of advanced software development to deliver safeguarding solutions to a wide spectrum of clients, including the Department of Education NI, Oxfam, and Premier League. We are also a member of the Safeguarding Support Network, which lists safeguarding providers on a global scale, and the Safety Tech Network, which compiles organisations working to promote safer online experiences. With these partnerships, we’ve been able grow exponentially within 10 years of being on the market - and we’re just getting started!

The digital world is an integral part of every child and young person’s life. Every day brings a new update, a new feature, or a new platform aimed specifically at them. But with every new addition also comes a new potential risk that threatens their safety, both online and offline. INEQE knows that the best way to protect children and young people is to try and identify possible threats before they happen. We strive to be both ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’ in our approach to online safety. This is why we’ve invested in an impressive in-house team of iOS and Android developers, graphic designers, digital researchers, and online safety experts. Our team are constantly monitoring modifications and trends on popular platforms, providing specialist safeguarding news and alerts in real time - where you need it, when you need it.

We also believe in empowering people to stay safer through practical education and community engagement. By combining this ideology with innovative and contemporary technology, INEQE takes pride in providing schools and colleges with the best advantages in online safety. We identify emerging technical opportunities and trends, provide helpful guides and definitions, and give access to support services if they are needed. This is a bespoke service that is contemporary, credible, and current across the board for pupils, educators, parents, and safeguarding professionals.
The resulting product is the collection of apps INEQE offers to both public and private education sectors, most prominently our award-winning Safer Schools Ecosystem. These are invaluable resources that have helped keep children and young people safer in schools across the UK. However, its reach is far wider than the education system. By using its wealth of safeguarding knowledge, INEQE can provide crucial details, warnings, and advice to a variety of organisations that deal with children, young people, and vulnerable adults. The goal is to educate, empower, and protect entire communities. When this is done correctly, we can see a culture of safeguarding flourish and benefit both the present and future.

Within a competitive market, INEQE strives to be at the top. We’ve taken a proactive approach to online marketing by investing in our social media reach, adapting to digital markets by offering online webinars and products, as well as promoting our vast collection of resources to businesses, schools, and organisations aimed at better understanding the online world. We are proud to host a diverse community of employees from across the globe, with a focus on listening to and displaying every unique voice in our products and strive to be a workplace where they can thrive and grow in their skills. As the world takes a turn towards digital sustainability, we focus on creating products that are data-lite and paper free and do our best to encourage more sustainable options within our office culture.  

To ensure our customers’ concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently, we have an instant chat service, a direct call line to our offices, and a secure email account that are monitored by our online safety experts. This is how we provide precise and efficient advice on safeguarding issues and alerts as they occur to all our customers. However, we understand that some issues are more sensitive than others. That is why we make sure to include sign posts to organisations that can offer appropriate help in all our online safety articles. In our apps, we have also implemented automatic responses that encourage users to get help if they repeatedly visit topics that might indicate they are struggling.  

We understand that the online world is a vibrant place where children and young people are learning and growing at a rate older generations are not used to (and may feel overwhelmed by). That is why all our products and resources are aimed at bringing collective understanding of online issues and how they can translate into offline life. We’re proud to help parents, carers, school staff, and pupils of all ages learn more about online safety every day.