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Action Mats, the company with the universally-understood activity mats, launches Action Maths and Mini Maths to bring teacher-written active learning, to their range of resources. 
Some children don’t learn well sitting behind a desk and benefit from immersive experiences instead. Conversely, some children love traditional classroom learning but don’t like being physically active. Both mathematics programmes deliver immersive learning in an original and engaging way.
Action Mats has released two great solutions to reach all children, from EYFS through KS1 and KS2. The two programmes combine learning with moving, in simple to deliver, fun and active lessons, called Mini Maths (for EYFS) and Action Maths (for KS1 & KS2).
Mini Maths is an exciting opportunity for Early Years children to further develop basic mathematical concepts within a physical environment.  Building on classroom learning, Mini Maths harnesses the power of active learning while developing pupils’ understanding of maths within a new and engaging environment.

Written by Early Years practitioners, lesson plans have been specifically developed to be delivered in either a classroom or in a larger space such as the school hall or gym. 

Mini Maths uses the Mini Mats set as the platform for delivering the lessons. Within the Mini Mats set, there are individual activities that develop balance, coordination, fine and gross motor-skills and proprioception and the lessons use various of the activity mats to create the format. Within the Mini Maths set, there are number and dot-value mats as well as team home-base mats that are all deployed in the lessons. 

Each lesson contains two activities and explores single digit numbers and values. All plans follow a similar format with groups of  up to eight pupils, and a minimum of one adult, to lead the lessons although, the very youngest may need closer help meaning a higher adult to child ration, which is not uncommon anyway. 

Each Lesson follows a theme that sees pupils complete repetitions of actions and find corresponding numerals and values. Repetition, of course, is the bedrock of early learning and when deployed in this format, is delivered in such a way so as to feel fresh and fun throughout. The simplicity of format enables lessons to be set up quickly to prevent the attention of pupils drifting and also easy recognition of the tasks, for the children.

The principles of basic mathematics are rooted in numbers, patterns and sequences. Mini Maths also allows for the development of mathematical language and vocabulary, imperative for further learning and development. Lessons focus on communication, collaborative learning and problem solving, vital for being able to apply mathematical understanding in future learning. 

Active learning is proven to open up parts of cognitive receptibility in young children and Mini Maths is the perfect way to embed learning, movement and high engagement to enrich pupils’ development. 
Using that same proven active-learning principle, that is gaining fans from across the world, Action Mats have created Action Maths. Written by teachers for children in KS1 and KS2, to help enhance their understanding of maths using movement-based games, there are ten lessons per year group; meaning sixty lessons are available covering the entire curriculum, to help keep lessons fresh and relevant. 
The lessons created use the ERA award-winning ‘Action Packed’ set as the platform. 
The programme is based on the UK curriculum but, it is not rigid and can be used to help the understanding of maths at primary age, anywhere in the world. As well as schools in the UK, Action Maths is currently used is schools in the UAE, India, Iceland and Lithuania. 
Action Maths can be used as an intervention programme to help small groups of children that might need it, to see maths problems in a different way. The use of active learning techniques increases activity levels, makes for happier children thanks to the ‘gamification’ of lessons and delivers higher attainment levels thanks to the innovative, immersive learning methods.
As well as in regular lessons, schools use Action Maths in breakfast club settings, lunchtime clubs and afterschool ‘wrap-around’ care settings. 
Lessons are quick and simple to set up and run. 
Lessons are fun and engaging and appeal to all. 
Lessons deliver maths in an innovative way.

Action Maths and Mini Maths were launched at BETT in London in late January 2024, although trials and test schools have been using Action Maths for a number of years. Both programmes saw interest from the worldwide visitors that BETT attracts, and orders were placed at the show both domestically and internationally. 

Lesson are housed on the Action Mats app, which is accessible following purchase. Access to the app is available to all staff members, without the need to buy additional licences. 

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