Edinburgh City Council is set to sign a historic £186 million contract to improve web access across primary and secondary schools.

Building on the success of last year, ukactive will be hosting National Fitness Day on 9 September, with the hope of making it the most active day of the year.

The Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC) for the east of England and north east London, Tim Coulson, has said it is likely that more information will be shared from head teacher board meetings through increasing the amount of information published in the publicly available minutes.

Local councils in England are to be scored on how well they tackle the dropout rate among teenagers from schools and colleges.

Exam board OCR has started a new recruitment drive to attract retired teachers as markers, in the wake of an expected shortage.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has suggested that teachers should not be expected to answer emails or spend hours marking schoolwork after 5pm each day.

Students will study about illegal performance enhancing drug use and the the barriers that limit female involvement in sports in the new PE GCSE from exam board OCR.

Three out of four academy chains have schools that are performing below the ‘coasting’ definition and may be harming the performance of disadvantaged pupils, a new report has warned.

The number of pupils attending secondary school is expected to rise by 20 per cent over the next ten years, putting added pressure on school places.

The government has stepped in to ensure ‘community languages’, such as Panjabi, Polish and Turkish, will still be available for pupils to study in school.

Despite the latest efforts of the Education Selection Committee and Green MP Caroline Lucas, the study of PSHE will not be made compulsory in English state schools, and a decision will be pushed back to later this year, the Education Secretary has revealed.

From mid-October, parents choosing a secondary school for their child will for the first time have access to provisional GCSE exam results to help them finalise their choices.