Teaching School Hubs support the profession by providing training and development opportunities for teachers and leaders. Lynne Birch shares the key learnings from her Hub’s journey

The United Arab Emirates has implemented its plan for 'First-Rate Education', which outlines dramatic reforms to the curriculum, improving teaching through professional development and a commitment to developing 21st Century skills in schools.

Dr Jonathan Sharples of the Education Endowment Foundation, discusses how to best implement and involve teaching assistants in schools.

The long and short of the UK teacher crisis

Jonathan Doherty and Kathryn Gerrard from Leeds Trinity University question whether there has ever been a better time to be a teacher, or are we facing a teacher supply shortage?

Alongside numerous priorities and pressures, schools are expecting yet further financial limitations, so it is easy to see how professional learning might slip down the ‘to do’ list. Yet when professional development is carried out well, it is the most effective tool for raising pupil outcomes. Not only that, it also builds teacher morale and self-efficacy, writes Bridget Clay of the Teacher Development Trust

Ian Bauckham of the Association of School and College Leaders explains the thinking behind the new headteacher standards and the role they play in the emerging school-led and self-improving system

If the quality of teaching that children experience is the most important factor in their attainment, why has there traditionally been so little emphasis on professional development for educators? The Sutton Trust’s Lee Elliot Major discusses the key elements of effective performance management

Narinder Uppal from the Chartered Management Institute explains how training can help deliver effective education to young people.

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