Top EdTech trends from the experts at Bett UK

Are you up to date with the latest EdTech trends transforming the teaching and learning experience? With an influx of technology entering the education market, it’s time to get on board or run the risk of getting left behind. But it can be hard to know where to start. The best place? Visit Bett 2024 at the ExCeL in London on 24-26 January for everything you need to know

EdTech is widely recognised as a tool with the power to improve pupil attainment, reduce teacher workload and save time on school management activities. The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the importance of technology, especially when education cannot happen in person.
With the popularity of technology rapidly increasing within education, the Department for Education identified more than 1,000 companies active in the EdTech market in England. They also issued a ‘call for evidence’ seeking views on how generative artificial intelligence (AI) is being used across education in England and the opportunities or risks it presents.
Bett is the first industry show of the year in the EdTech landscape, bringing together leading exhibitors and over 20,000 attendees from the global education community. Here are some of the technology trends visitors can expect to experience at Bett 2024.

Artificial Intelligence

To assist with teacher workload, AI can produce learning materials, worksheets, assessments and lesson plans. It can also analyse a pupil’s data and adapt teaching materials to personalise learning for certain pupils. For pupils, AI can give assistance by suggesting edits to work.
There are ethical considerations, however. Plagiarism is a potential risk as students could use AI to generate work and claim it as their own. There are also risks concerning the accuracy and sources of the information used.
But AI is here to stay. The Department for Education has acknowledged that AI is going to transform the world around us and so the future workforce must be equipped – schools, colleges and universities will be vital in this endeavour.

Gamification and Esports

The gamification of learning is an approach that seeks to motivate students by using video game design and elements in learning. This maximises the enjoyment and interest of pupils as they feel comfortable and enjoy using it.  

Examples include Minecraft, which now has an Education Edition created specifically for educators and learners. The platform is particularly good for teaching students how to code but can also assist in other areas of learning. Duolingo is another great platform that makes language learning more interactive.
Esports, a competitive form of video gaming, is also rising in popularity in education. Esports can be good at promoting leadership skills, teamwork, boosting social and communication skills, as well as developing problem-solving and decision-making.
Both gaming and esports can be particularly good for those students disengaged with traditional forms of education.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation that allows users to interact within a three-dimensional environment.
VR can help teaching in many ways. For example, history can come to life by interacting with figures from the past and geography can be enhanced by taking pupils to certain destinations. It can also be used in science to allow students to explore the human anatomy or carry out chemistry experiments in a completely safe environment.

Bett UK 2024 will be #EvenBetter

Bett 2023 attracted over 30,000 educators, policymakers and industry changemakers, with over 600 EdTechs, and 400 speakers from 123 countries.
During the 37th edition, Bett launched Connect @ Bett, the groundbreaking new meetings programme, which played a pivotal role in generating more meaningful conversations than ever before in Bett’s 38-year history.
Launching at an incredible scale, Connect @ Bett facilitated a staggering 7,000 meetings for 2,500 individuals from 1,500 organisations.  
Bett’s journey of digitisation and innovation has only just begun and, in January 2024, Bett will be even better.
Event organisers will be expanding the scope of the Connect @ Bett meetings programme by rolling out one-to-one meetings for everyone as part of the biggest meetup in the history of education.
Roundtable discussions known as TableTalks will be added so educators can learn from and network in highly curated peer groups.
Bett 2024 will also help educators upskill with professional development opportunities to become optimal users of EdTech through Tech User Labs.
There will also be a greater focus on inclusive education, with more on neurodiversity and special education needs and disability (SEND).
Finally, the size of Ahead by Bett, the destination for Higher Education professionals, will triple, with a deeper dive into the impact of AI in Higher Education.
Bett 2024 will be an even more dynamic, diverse and transformative event. Get your tickets now here.