In April 2018, nasen was awarded the DfE SEND Schools Workforce Contract which will be delivered through the Whole School SEND Consortium. Dr Adam Boddison examines what this aims to achieve

Students learning with a disability often require adaptive or assistive technology to support their education. Charity Royal Blind investigates what technologies are available

Dr Adam Boddison, chief executive at nasen, explains why professional development is vital for all SEND staff.

Understanding autism in all of its different forms

The National Autistic Society’s Mark Lever explains why it’s so important that schools, including both teaching staff and students, understand autism.

Helping schools meet the needs of SEN pupils

At a time when continuing professional development is at a premium, nasen Live 2016 brings experts, SENCOs, teachers and senior leadership teams together to refresh and update their knowledge and learn from evidence-based practice.

Mental health and wellbeing remain high on the public agenda, with recent reports calling on schools to engage in a national commitment to develop holistic approaches to mental health and wellbeing. Here, nasen’s Jane Friswell examines the guidance and offers advice to schools

Reviewing the SEN register is an ongoing process but one which is particularly under the spotlight right now. Jane Friswell, CEO of nasen, asks: What does good quality SEN provision actually mean?

With children across the county anticipating the move to secondary school, it is vital that those with special educational needs and disabilities are nurtured throughout the changeover, urges Jane Friswell, chief executive of nasen

Do you feel confident that you could recognise a dyslexic child, and do you feel confident that you could teach one? The British Dyslexia Association shares some tell tale signs of what to look out for, and how to have a ‘dyslexia friendly’ classroom

The nasen Outstanding Schools Project was developed in order to demonstrate what ‘outstanding’ SEN education looks like. Here we take a look at three of these outstanding schools

Pat Bullen, nasen consultant and SEND Pathfinder lead at Leicester City Council, discusses the new arrangements for assessment and the introduction of EHC (education, health and care) plans – core components of the SEND reforms

Nasen looks at the many questions relating to reforms to special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and provides some definitive guidance to help practitioners navigate the changes

During a time of reform for the entire education sector, funding changes in special education needs provision require planning. Nasen’s Jane Frisell looks at the new arrangements

Brought in to help improve a primary school’s inclusive practice, Bridget Bolwell felt it was an opportune moment to evaluate nasen’s inspection guidance

Tina Allison, partner and schools and academies specialist at tax, audit and advisory firm Crowe Clarke Whitehill, looks at some of the strategies to improve governance at free schools


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