Dimensional misfit between pupils and classroom equipment can often cause poor posture and lead to an increase in loss of concentration and poor productivity


The role of furniture in creating and maintaining a positive learning environment is often underestimated in terms of its impact on learning, says BESA’s Caroline Wright.

Ergonomics, space and the evolving classroom environment are all factors to consider when buying furniture, writes BESA’s director Caroline Wright, who shares some advice

BESA director Caroline Wright shares her views on the organisation’s recent survey of school satisfaction regarding furniture procurement and what it could mean for heads

Incidence of recurrent back pain is now almost as prevalent in adolescence as it is in adult life, with an estimated eight per cent of children under the age of seven experiencing back pain. Former BESA director Ray Barker discusses the importance of schools adhering to furniture standards.

Do you need new furniture? Phil Reynolds, technical manager at FIRA Internatonal explains how considering the planet during this process can lead to environmental and cost savings

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