How will GDPR affect the education sector?

Every individual within the education sector has a responsibility to understand how GDPR will affect them. Ursula Oliver shares views and advice from the industry

The impact of post-election funding on school business management is a cause for concern. NASBM’s Stephen Morales addresses the demand for accountability, forward planning and bursarial management in running an effective school

Why, in today’s technology driven society, have all schools not gone completely cashless? Caroline Wright, director of the British Educational Suppliers Association, examines the situation

A modern approach to HR, such as that adopted at the David Young Community Academy in Leeds, can help raise attainment and deliver financial savings by paving the way for outstanding teaching and learning. The Independent Academies Association reports

The role of the School Business Manager (SBM) is becoming even more critical in schools, as they are taking on a broader spread of responsibilities, whilst ensuring the best use of resources and value for money. Do SBMs have the skills to step up to their role and do heads and governors know what to expect of their SBM?

Effective leadership is a pre-requisite for a successful school, writes Liz Walters from the National Association of School Business Management, who gives advice on a range of strategies schools can use to develop their leaders

As the application deadline for the government’s SBM Primary Cluster Grant draws near, which will enable groups of primary schools to take on a school business manager, Liz Walters of the National Association of School Business Management (NASBM) explains how it works

The National Association of School Business Managers informs school bursars of the steps they need to take to make effective purchasing decisions

With many schools seeking to take a more hands-on approach to teacher training, NCTL’s Charlie Taylor looks at a school-led scheme which is gaining popularity across the country

With leadership being more critical than ever to the success of our schools, Charlie Taylor explains how the National College for Teaching and Leadership is supporting leadership development

Converting to academy status? Where to begin? Nick Weller, chair
of the Independent Academies Association and executive principal 
of the Dixons Academies shares five ways to help make it a success

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