Think School Broadband? Think Uptech

We are a Schools Broadband Platinum Partner, a specialist Internet Service Provider to the education market, delivering faster broadband connections, together with a globally unique web filtering and network protection service. Uptech is a national IT Company with a local feel and quality. As a company, we have been providing IT business-focused solutions to schools for more than 20 years. Our industry-level qualified team have a combined experience of more than 50 years with each coming from different background in business, but all focused on IT. Using our continuing partnership with Microsoft and constant internal training and improvement program, we are always positioned to provide you the best IT solution.

Getting the solution that is right for your school is critical; you need to trust that the people you select have your best interests in mind and can understand your school and its needs. Equally important is the quality of service and support you receive both pre, during and sometimes forgotten important post implementation phases. All these areas need attention if a long-term relationship is to be built and to last. Whilst Uptech are here to resolve problems, we are also here to guide and prepare you for future developments. We are your IT department: there when you need us, and on call when you don’t.