TME Thermometers

Robust, high accuracy thermometers, probes and sensors designed to speed up and simplify temperature monitoring in every workplace.

TME is a UK manufacturer of temperature test and measuring equipment for all uses, including risk prevention for Legionnaires’ disease, HVAC, food service and food processing, temperature-controlled storage, pharmaceuticals and scientific.

From HACCP-compliant chef’s catering thermometers to IP67 waterproof thermometers and heavy duty industrial instruments and sensors, our extensive temperature range is 100% British-made, and exported to over 50 countries worldwide.

In 2015 TME celebrated 25 years in the temperature test and measurement industry, launching our innovative MM7100 Bluetooth Barcode Thermometer, for completely paperless temperature monitoring. This was followed by our unique MM2008 legionella thermometer with built-in timer, part of our specialist legionella equipment range, now used as standard in schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and care homes. Finally, our super hygienic CA2005-PKW thermometer kit is designed to prevent cross contamination between food groups, featuring colour-coded, dishwasher-safe needle probes and a robust, stainless steel wall mounted storage unit.

Everyone at TME is passionate about thermometry. Contact us for FREE expert advice on affordable solutions to all your temperature problems.

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