Tech Camp’s new 'Invent!' system

When teaching coding, there's nothing like the excitement of seeing real-world physical devices such as robots, alarms, and games come to life.

Tech Camp’s new 'Invent!' system allows the teaching of both programming skills and physical systems. The clever click-together modules allow an advanced robot to be constructed and programmed in minutes so you can quickly focus on real-world problem solving and programming skills and the innovative drag-and-drop software is compatible with PCs, Macs and even Linux computers. A driver-less connection also means that it works out of the box with minimal or no IT support.

Designed around the needs of busy teachers, there is full curriculum material available. You won’t need to reinvent the wheel to get started with the system as it can be used with the included lesson plans, worksheets and assessment schemes straight away. Introductory videos are also available for both students and teachers.

Developed collaboratively by both engineers and teachers at Tech Camp in the UK, it is the result of decades worth of experience teaching young people coding and STEM-related skills. It has been designed to be simple enough to be embraced by novice users but advanced enough to allow even the most technically gifted student to be stretched with creative extension activities, and open-ended exploration.