SNIFTY Fundraising

They have been exceptionally successful in the USA.
As schools and charities increasingly consider creative ways to raise funds, SNIFTY offers unique, easy-to-promote fundraising products that children love.  Schools, charities and event organisers have never been able to promote such low-cost, high-margin, scented products previously.  These can be used in the classroom and teachers and parents recognize this as an exceptional fundraising programme.

Targeted toward kids of all ages, SNIFTY scented pens, pencils and rulers feature fun fragrances that come in exclusive, collectible scents. The scents can be found in the tip and grip of the pen, as well as the pencil topper and the centre of the ruler. The products are part of a one-of-a-kind, pocket money priced and easy-to-manage School, Club and Charity fundraising programme.
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