SAM Learning

Independently proven to raise attainment, our simple approach focuses on interactive revision, homework and test question practice to consolidate learning and increase confidence.

Our mission is to help raise achievement in schools by providing high value services that reduce workload for teachers and schools managers, whilst enabling learners to take more responsibility and improve their results.

An independent study by the Fischer Family Trust found that with as little as 10 hours use of SAM Learning, students will achieve on average 2 GCSE grades higher than expected. This increases to 3.5 GCSE grades for FSM students. 

With automatic marking and in-depth reporting SAM Learning is shown to drastically reduce the time demands on teachers and ground-breaking additions to the service such as the award nominated Share ensure our community of highly engaged teachers across the UK continues to grow.

To find out how SAM Learning could help both the teachers and students in your school call us on 0845 130 4160, email or visit our site