Rocksteady Music School

Life Changing Stories from Rocksteady

Toms story

Tom didn’t like school much, he was always different from other kids due to living with ADHD. He used to drag his feet going to school and couldn’t find many clubs or activities which suited his needs.

When he first signed up to Rocksteady he was quite unpredictable, easily frustrated and lacked confidence.

Tom was the guitarist of the band and gradually over time he became so comfortable with the routine and his instrument, he actually started to enjoy himself!

So what changed?

Tom grew in confidence through his Rocksteady music sessions and made friends with other band members. Instead of being known for being different, he was now considered a Rockstar amongst the other children. This new found confidence helped him exceed expectations in his Year 6 SATS exams.

“In his 7 years of primary school Rocksteady is only one of two clubs my son was able to access, due to his special needs. Thank you for the work you did helping him”
Kathy, Proud Parent

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