Remsdaq is a leading UK manufacturer of integrated security products including the Entro access control and Sabre perimeter intrusion detection systems.

EntroWatch is the management software at the heart of the Entro series. The software is easy to set-up and features intuitive screen layouts from which to configure, monitor and control up to 800 doors and 250,000 credentials.
EntroWatch is designed to work with EntroStar and EntroNet access door controllers which provide 2-door/4-reader and 8-door/16-reader in/out functionality. They are easy to install and allow fast and cost-effective expansion using ‘plug n play’ modular technologies.

Up to 100 EntroStar and EntroNet access door controllers can be connected on an IP network to provide door management up to 800 doors. The installation can be single site or span multiple buildings. EntroPad readers, desktop readers, management kits and EntroPass secure credentials complete the Entro series. The Entro series integrates with HIKVision CCTV, IEVO Biometric readers and Sabre PIDS.

Remsdaq is a Microsoft Certified Gold partner and manufactures products certified for government use by the CPNI (Centre for the Protection of Critical National Infrastructure). Company management systems are certified to ISO9001/14001/18001 and 27001.

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