Plum Innovations

Plum innovations is a London based IT consulting and services provider. We are dedicated to exceptional customer service working with leading organisations across both public and private sectors. With deep functional and industry expertise, we are passionate about taking on immense technical challenges and are able to address problems swiftly with efficient solutions.

Our vision is to assist teachers succeeding in their professional fields with an efficient and solid IT platform by providing a stress-free IT experience.

We deliver top class services and support through user friendly and cutting edge technology with cost-effective solutions.

Plum Innovations goes the extra mile to ensure excellent services are always delivered in terms of quality work, timely delivery, professional behaviour, and value for money. We continually strive to better our services by employing innovative solutions and partnering with top organisations to meet the growing and changing needs from our schools and teachers.

We work closely with BESA, NAACE and London Grid for Learning to help ensure our clients are able to explore new technologies in an adaptive, modern, stress-free environment. Plum works tirelessly towards helping reinforce the impact of EdTech within a classroom environment to ensure real positive impacts on student’s learning outcomes. We support teachers throughout their IT experience, ranging from procurement to classroom applications, ensuring that it is used.