We have been selling downloadable and royalty free plays to English speaking schools around the world for 15 years. Since Playstage Junior started in 2002, our plays have been performed in 43 countries! And we are always reaching new markets!

In 2016 we started Playstage YA (Young Adult) aimed at secondary schools. We felt there was a real need for comedy plays for teenagers. Plays that made the audiences laugh, were a maximum of one hour long and appealed to audiences of any age.

Many of our customers come back time and time again because they know that our plays are fun, they are so easy to purchase and download and we give full production notes that offer invaluable help with props, sound effects, scenery and costumes.

Our customers use our plays for a variety of reasons:

  • To raise funds for their school
  • To entertain parents
  • To let older pupils entertain younger pupils
  • To let teachers entertain pupils!
  • Take entertainment to a hospital/rest home/other care facility
  • To take part in a community festival
  • Enhance the curriculum
  • An exercise in team work.

With the right play – the possibilities are endless!

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