Move with Max

New and exciting EYFS Physical Development resources!

Move with Max is an evidence-based movement programme aimed at EYFS that teaches fundamental movement skills (FMS) through readily available story books.  Research suggests that early childhood is an extremely important phase to acquire and develop FMS, in particular between 3-5 years old.  Hence, “Physical Development” being classified as a prime area of learning.  

Immerse your children in exciting Physical Development activities either through physical education lessons or continuous provision with these easy to follow activity cards.  Using storybooks as a ‘hook’ not only provides links to other areas of learning and topics being explored, but it promotes engagement in the development of FMS, reducing the tendency of skill levels to plateau.  Research highlights that FMS do not develop naturally through the maturation process; therefore, FMS programmes should be put in place to allow for the acquisition, development and reinforcement of these basic skills.  Each set contains ten double sided activity cards linked to a story book and an assessment framework, allowing you to deliver a comprehensive, progressive and engaging EYFS FMS programme.

Move with Max has been produced by Sedgefield School Sport Partnership who provide a variety of high-quality services and products to schools.