Rapid data capture to drive school improvement

KANDA.CARE is a cost saving, high impact, BEHAVIOUR AND LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM for your school, easily customised to your unique identity and values. Consistent, accurate, expansive and ongoing data capture is the cornerstone of this system, due to a tablet based intuitive tool that is quick to learn and easy to use, and keep using. The immediate effect is to release teacher time and saves administration costs. The next benefit comes from the total consistency in the cycle of collecting data, analysis and intervention leading to transformational behaviour and learning improvement. KANDA.CARE makes the data work for you, giving instant live analysis on any student, class or teacher. The system will identify gaps and trends leading to purposeful intervention. With easy access to great quality data, you have indisputable evidence to hand to support key decisions and reviews, and this cumulates in delivering evidence-based school improvement.

KANDA.CARE is a collection of modules designed to complement and provide a tool for front line teaching staff to deliver outstanding student outcomes. Designed with maximum engagement for students and staff at its centre, KANDA.CARE motivates and transforms progress for all with ease.

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